How To Get 5 Star Players In Tap Sports Baseball?

How do you get VIP in tap baseball?

@SuperKingOfPaisas when you click on your team name to see your profile/featured player section there would be a “TAP TO TURN VIP LOGO ON” option under your team name.

What are All Star tickets in tap baseball?

All-Star Tickets: Earn more tickets by playing the game, purchasing bundles, ranking up, and more! These tickets can then be used to get access to different perks and benefits in the game.

Can you pitch in tap sports baseball?

The half inning wherein your team plays the defensive role and pitching role is done automatically by the game. However, you can still experience pitching in the game by clicking on ‘Compete’, and then clicking on ‘Payoff Pitch’. From here, you can practice pitching the baseball.

How do you get silver in tap sports baseball?

An evolution token is used with other currency to rank a player up to a new tier when you are maxed level at your current tier. For example, if you have a player at Bronze level 10, you would use a silver token and currency to bring him to silver level 1.

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