Quick Answer: How To Ship Baseball Cards?

How much does it cost to ship a baseball card?

You can charge. 50 cents shipping, or a dollar at the most. You put a first class stamp on it and ship it. Obviously thicker relic cards or base cards like Topps Tribute would need 2 stamps.

How do you ship expensive baseball cards?

You can use a small flat rate box for extra protection if you’d like, but I’ve sent $1000+ cards in bubble mailers before. Just make sure you package it well, sandwich it between cardboard, wrap with bubble wrap, etc. to make sure it’s going to arrive safely.

How can I ship 100 baseball cards?

Commonly Used Supplies for Shipping Cards

  1. Small Bubble Mailers. – ideal when sending only a couple of cards.
  2. Larger Bubble Mailers. – good for sending about 100 cards or less.
  3. Cardboard Card Boxes. – For bulk lots and sets.
  4. Masking Tape.
  5. Team Bags.
  6. Top Loaders.
  7. Postage Scale.

Does USPS sell bubble mailers?

ReadyPost 8-1/2 x 12-inch Bubble Mailers | USPS.com.

How much does it cost to ship a small bubble mailer?

This depends on several factors. If you’d like to use stamps to ship your bubble mailer up to 4 ounces through USPS First Class, it will cost around $3.74. This will take 7 forever stamps ($0.55 per stamp) to ship your bubble mailer.

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Does FedEx insure baseball cards?

When shipping with FedEx, it puts a declared value on your package for $50,000, but extraordinary items limited to $100 declared value maximum. Sports collectibles are considered extraordinary, so you would want your own insurance on your package.” Insurance, we provide coverage up to $5,000.

How do you ship expensive items?

Registered Mail is the safest way to send and insure your valuable item. Request Registered Mail at your local post office to receive a proof of mailing and the date and time of each attempted delivery. Registered Mail also allows you to insure your item to up to $50,000.

How do I ship high value sports cards?

I’d stick with UPS or FedEx for high dollar sales. Anything over $1k in value for me goes UPS or FedEx. I have sold a few cards in the $10k range before. No issues shipping through FedEx or UPS.

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