Readers ask: Consider Hitting A Baseball With A Bat. Which Scenario Is True?

When you hit a baseball with your bat the force on the ball has the same magnitude as the force?

Explanation: According to Newton’s third law, the force exerted by the bat hitting the ball will be equal in magnitude but opposite in direction of the force the ball exerts on the bat.

When a baseball strikes a baseball bat which one the baseball or bat receives a greater force?

The force that the baseball exerts on the bat and the force that the bat exerts on the baseball are the same magnitude. Which has the greater acceleration: the bat or the ball? The ball because it has a smaller mass than the bat. You just studied 11 terms!

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What is the reaction force to a bat hitting a baseball?

The ball exerts an equal and opposite force on the bat. This is the reaction force. Such an interaction pair is another example of Newton’s Third Law. The baseball forces the bat in one direction and the bat forces the ball in the opposite direction.

When hitting a baseball with a bat if we call the force on the bat against the ball the action force the reaction force is ____?

Consider hitting a baseball with a bat. If we call the force on the bat against the ball the action force, identify the reaction force. The reaction force is the force by the ball on the bat. The net force is zero because the action and reaction forces are equal and opposite.

How much force does it take to hit a homerun?

Forcing the Issue Extrapolating Newton’s second law of motion, Russell determined that, in a collision lasting less than one-thousandth of a second, the average pro swing imparts 4145 pounds of force to the ball. Peak forces exceed 8300 pounds — enough to stop a Mini Cooper, rolling at 10 mph, in its tracks.

What is Newton’s fourth law?

What is the fourth law of motion? “ In Zero Gravity, how much is the speed added to an object, and the more that it is impacted, that much. will the object be moving in different ways.

What is the acceleration of a baseball immediately after it is hit by a bat?

After the collision with the bat, with a contact time of 0.7milliseconds ( 0.0007s )[1,2] the bat has a speed of 110mph (49.1m/s) in the opposite direction.

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How much force does it take to break a baseball bat?

These values give a breaking force of roughly 140 pounds.

What happens when a bat hits a baseball?

When the bat hits the ball, the ball goes flying. A lot happens in that split second, as energy is transferred from the player to the bat, and then to the ball.

Why do the interatomic forces inside a ball not accelerate the ball?

Why doesn’t the enormous number of interatomic forces inside a baseball accelerate the baseball? They act within the system, so there is no net force acting on the system. A force is exerted on the tires of a car to accelerate the car along the road.

Why can’t you hit a feather in midair with a force of 200 N?

You can’t hit a feather in midair with a force of 200 N because the feather is not capable of exerting a 200 N force on you. The forces “you hit feather” and “feather hits you” are a Newton’s Third Law action/reaction force pair, so they must always be exactly equal in size.

Does the ball exert a force on the bat?

How much force does the baseball exert on the bat? Explanation: Newton’s third law states that when object A exerts a force on object B, object B exerts a force equal in magnitude but opposite in direction on object A. That means that if the force of the bat on the ball is, then the ball on the bat must be.

Which is more important in winning in a tug of war?

There are 6 forces exerted. Which is most important in winning in a tug-of-war; pulling harder on the rope, or pushing harder on the floor? Pushing harder on the floor. The paper isn’t capable of exerting a reaction force.

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When a cannon is fired are the forces?

Newton’s third law states that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction, so the forces on the cannon and cannonball are equal in magnitude (but not direction). and the mass of the cannon is larger than the mass of the cannonball, so the acceleration is lesser for the cannon than for the cannonball.

Can you physically touch a person without?

No, one cannot physically touch a person without that person touching him with the same amount of force.

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